Over the last three years Alya has always encouraged courage, strength, clarity and healing in me thanks to her wonderful and strong clairvoyant gift. Her connection with the divine source was and is always clear, strong and showing me the way. Without Alya I would have hardly been able to find my way out of my daily life crises. In her readings she always channelled clear, clarifying and encouraging answers that have helped me out of my biggest crises and healed me and my life. No matter what problem troubled me, be it love, job, health or family issues, a reading with Alya has always helped me clear everything. Her answers have always had an immediate healing effect and clarified all my issues.

I recommend to everyone who has problems of whatever kind to enlist for Alya’s help! The fee cannot be invested any better. Heal yourselves, your lives and all your problems with Alya’s wonderful clairvoyant gift through which she can connect with your soul and your scheme of life. I am very grateful that God has sent Alya into my life. She has saved me.

Nadia, Berlin

Since I got to know you I am continually grateful for having met you. You’ve helped me find myself and encounter my soul. You possess the ability to turn the trips to the spirit world into such a breathtaking experience, that I’d love nothing more than to listen to you. Your compassion, patience, positivity and your ability to erase all my self-doubts are just a few of your qualities which I appreciate at each session. Through you and your help my life has changed immensely and I’m indescribably grateful! Thanks for being there.

Christine, Italy

It took me a long time, a very long time indeed, to finally comprehend that the world is within me and not in the outside. Only through the readings with Alya could I gain this clear insight which eventually changed my life profoundly. Ever since I’m waking up every morning with the certainty that I’m not a victim anymore and that the responsibility for my life and my decision lies solely in my hands. These simple realisations – even if theoretically known to me – have started gaining meaning only when I started learning to take them to heart through the readings with Alya. It was as if with her help I started a journey within myself with a gradually clearer destination.

For this I would like to extend my deeply felt gratitude to Alya. She has shown me the light within me. May God bless you.

Selwa, Cyprus

Dear Alya,

The Skype channel readings with you have been very worthwhile for me. On the one hand because I have gained a deeper understanding of situations that seemed somehow stuck and on the other hand because you have helped me both times to open and clean my energetic heart…the energetic hole in my chest is also gone now.

The first reading was about a conflict with a girlfriend, the second one about being left by a man.

What was interesting for me was to find out through you that I know the people the readings were about from past lives.

In both cases I was very desperate, also confused and felt much clearer, grounded and lighter after the reading. It was also the talk with you and your empathy that gave me the feeling that I’m not alone and having a strong ally (sister) by my side. Within the last months I have started feeling and appreciating the support of women (sisters) in my environment differently.

Us women are powerful beings who are neither doomed to be twisted in a “man’s world” until we become men ourselves nor to be submissive. We can go our own strong, proud, powerful way which is according to our feminine nature. Women like you and Laila motivate me for that…

Thanks a lot for that!

Nilu, Düsseldorf

I have been a client of Alya’s for over three years now, initially via email but now mostly in person.

At the start of our sessions I was an individual who was stuck in many areas, bitter and disappointed with life and the world at large. Having met Alya she was keen to provide readings in order to help me unblock various areas of my life that I felt were at a dead end. I was initially impressed by her kindness, courtesy and friendliness in which sometimes difficult messages from my soul were conveyed. However, having applied her advice into action, events really took off – my direction in life started to unravel, my personality and self-esteem boosted quickly, and problems with anger and depression were all left in the past.

I very much hold an attitude of ‘believe it when I see it’ in life, including spiritual matters. As such, I have every confidence that Alya, her channelings, lightwork, pastlife regressions and all other aptitudes on the planes are the real deal and I would not consider going anywhere else. The most compelling evidence for me of her skills occurred following one session where we tackled an issue of a painful physical complaint I have endured since a child. Having addressed and cut off the spiritual roots of this affliction, within two weeks it had gone and now has never been seen again a year on.

Three years on, and I am a totally different person, changed for the better – someone who is empowered and confident to achieve anything they want and knows where true happiness lies. This would not have been possible without Alya’s kind advice and extraordinary abilities.

Ed, London

I’ve been making use of Alya’s wonderful gift since 2008 and I am consistently astonished how accurate her readings are and how much they have helped me. At the time she was the only one among many other clairvoyants in a spiritual gathering who saw my professional future which was completely different to what I and the others could imagine. However she didn’t let that influence her! She insisted on what she saw and 5 months later it actually came true and has been so ever since. It still is the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me! This is how it started back then but even after that when I had questions concerning love matters, family and health, Alya was always absolutely unerring. Her readings are very direct and honest. I didn’t even have to tell her anything, she would describe my current situation exactly the way it was!

I’m so grateful that God sent her to us and leads us to a better life with her gift! Her heart and her being radiate much kindness and love, and I feel absolutely comfortable with her. Top quality and highly recommended!

S., Berlin

I am undergoing a wonderful experience through Alya. She helps me to respond to my soul’s needs through which I was able to detect the spiritual causes for a past illness and to speed up the healing process. Alya is now still supporting me in all kinds of vital matters and I feel mentally cleansed, more balanced and invigorated for everyday challenges.

Peter, Vienna

One of my concerns was that I didn’t know anymore how to walk, especially when I was or felt observed by other people. I completely got out of rhythm and didn’t know what to do with my hands and arms 🙂 You told me something about a past life regarding this which was the reason for that and we have resolved it. Now I can walk again 🙂 Isn’t that great?! I simply cannot feel the connection to that issue anymore or comprehend why things were the way they were. Thanks a lot 🙂

G., Munich

I would like to say you a big THANK YOU VERY MUCH! DANKESCHÖN! for your reading.

A., Switzerland

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