Are you a fortune teller?

No, I’m a seer/psychic and I offer soul and karmic therapy/ coachings. This means that I use my innate gift of clairvoyance to look at the origins and reasons for problems regarding the soul, the body, patterns and their manifestations on the individual life path on the etheric and soul plane. I also use it to connect with the client’s soul and the spirit world who give answers to all the questions a client has regarding his/her life, be it old issues or current ones. Often the origins stem from past lives that can be solved and transformed together during the readings. The soul and the spirit world can answer all the questions you may have during the reading. I function as a channel and will take through the healing meditations.

How does a reading take place?

You can send me a message through my contact form which I will reply to with all the information. Please also make sure to check your spam folder in case you haven’t received an answer in over a week since you sent it. If you decide for a reading, we will make an appointment. You can read more about how the readings take place under Readings.

Does it make a difference whether the reading is done in person or over the internet?

No, because I’m connected with your soul and the spirit world during the reading. There are no distances that need to be overcome on the etheric plane which is why it makes no difference whether the reading is done in person face-to-face or over Skype, phone or e-mail. It is the energetic connection that matters and is the most important. Some people may have a personal preference for face-to-face readings but since I don’t offer those, the only option would be over the internet or phone.

What are the higher planes?

By that the etheric planes, the non-physical world which exists parallel to our material reality are meant. Those realms are connected with us and can have a big impact. Our soul wanders the higher planes and is in contact with diverse energies, other souls and the beings of those dimensions and all that affects us. That’s why it is essential to take a look at those planes and work there in order to heal and transform that which has already manifested or which is about to manifest, all according to the principle: as above, so below.

Are you using any tools or techniques for the reading?

No, I don’t use tools. I only need to use my innate gift to connect with the soul and spirit world.

Do I have to tell you something before the reading?

No, there’s no need to send me information beforehand. We will talk about everything during the reading and usually having a look at the soul plane at the beginning of the reading, reveals the most important hints regarding the client’s situation and what needs to be focused on.

Do I need prepare anything for the reading?

Not really apart from the questions you would like to ask. In case you spontaneouslly ask other questions with regard to what’s being said in the reading, it may be be helpful to have a rough list with your main questions ready, so you don’t forget them. However if you have internalised the topics that matter to you, there’s no need to write them down. There are also clients who have no questions but choose to be led by the soul during the reading. It is up to you.

Is there a specific way that I should phrase the questions, and are there wrong questions?

Usually it is best to ask detailed questions because the more general the question, the more general the answer from the soul or spirit world. There are no wrong questions. Questions may be big and go deep but may also be very mundane and connected to everyday life.

Is it possible to ask about past lives too?

Definitely! Most of the times past lives come up anyway in the readings due to old connections and issues that stem from the past and need healing and resolving. Of course you can ask explicitly what interests you.

Do the people who I centre my questions around have to be alive?

No. Even though they have left their physical bodies, their souls continue to exist and questions about the deceased can be asked.

Can I also ask questions about physical conditions?

Yes. As most things in our lives, physical issues often have their origin on the emotional or soul plane and could have karmic roots, all of which can be worked through in a reading. The soul and spirit world know the answers.

However I do not replace a doctor and can only assist you in your healing process. Please keep in mind that you’re acting on your own responsibility. 

What if you don’t receive an answer from my soul?

In the unlikely event that your soul should not answer a particular question, I will let you know and pass that information on to you as it is. Even though this occurs very rarely, the soul sometimes deems this justified either for the purpose of protection or because the information is irrelevant at that point in time.

How long does a reading take on average?

I give one-hour readings but also offer two-hour sessions upon request. If after a one-hour reading there’s a wish to continue and time, then readings can also be extended. The extra minutes will be calculated afterwards.

How can I get in touch with you for a reading?

I can be reached best through my contact form or just write an e-mail to alya@faery-queen.com

How much do you charge for a reading?

I have an hourly rate which you can enquire about along with the other information on the readings by sending me a message through my contact form. I will then send you an info mail.

How does the payment take place?

Payments are made via bank transfer but can also be made via Paypal if not otherwise possible.

Do you offer gift vouchers for readings?


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