I give readings by connecting with the higher realms and the spirit world. Your soul, the angels, spirit guides, other light beings or the divine source itself provide all the information needed to understand the whole matter and true origins of what you as a client have come to see me for; be it a problem, issue, pattern, anxiety, emotional wounds or whatever may occur in one’s life. The beautiful thing is that we now live in an age where the spirit world allows us to resolve karma and according energetic ties to situations that can still influence our life, but that have their origins in past incarnations. With my innate gift of clairvoyance, and also being clairsentient, clairaudient and empathic, I am able to trace all matters back to their real origins, be they on the higher planes, in the etheric body, from this life or karmic.

I receive all the information and images from your soul, as well as the spirit world, which I pass on to you. I guide you through the whole reading, give you all the information I receive and also initiate healing the treated matters by addressing them at their root on the soul plane, where all that we encounter and experience in life is saved and can be changed and healed. The soul and the spirit world give us certain techniques with which we can induce healing, and individually provide the best way of healing for each client which I pass on to you. Through this information I am not just able to ask you to follow the needed steps in this process – like visualising – but also to check with my clairvoyance whether the change and healing are also successfully taking place on the higher planes, whether additional work needs to be done, or whether your soul or the spirit world have other information that they want you to know and be aware of. I am basically giving your soul a voice and pronouncing its requests.

Each reading gives you the chance to ask all the questions you have or have been thinking about for a long time. It doesn’t matter whether the reason you come to see me for is urgent or lies long in the past – your soul has all the answers needed. I find giving these readings truly fulfilling as they always show how everything in our lives happens for a higher reason, how we can heal our wounds and start understanding the wisdom of our soul and, in the higher sense, experience our eternal connection with the universe and the divine.

I regard my work as a gift and am happy and grateful when I’m allowed to accompany and help you on your journey.

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